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The program is designed to prepare graduates to take a leading role in the fields of English education, English language, and English literature and assume roles as experts in the interrelated areas of English education. The course encompasses concepts, principles and theories of English education and a general background in English language and English literature, with a special focus on foreign language education.

Academic Program Description
English Education

English Education consists of three main areas:「Basic Research Area」,「Applied Research Area」,「Educational Field Study Area」.

「Basic Research Area」 includes courses in Studies
in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Research
Methods in Applied Linguistics, and Research Methods in
TEFL. These courses provide general understanding of the
theories, previous research, and applications of research
designs.「Applied Research Area」, includes
Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Contrastive Analysis
of Korean and English, and Applied Linguistics. Students
discuss the theoretical aspects of English education, and
research themes of current interest.「Educational Field
Study Area」
deals with the issues in English education
in relation to classroom contexts. The subjects included are
Evaluation in TEFL and English Teaching Materials&Curriculum.

They focus on developing comprehensive understanding of English teaching contexts. The courses in English Education will provide an excellent opportunity for English Language and English Literature major students to have a sound understanding of the current issues in English Education research and to further cultivate in-depth knowledge in their own interest area.

English Language

The English Language program focuses on the linguistic system and characteristics of English language. This includes studies of English Phonology, English Morphology, English Syntax, English Semantics, English Pragmatics, and English Discourse Analysis, which are interdisciplinary and closely related to cognitive approach language acquisition and learning. English Phonology, English Morphology, English Syntax, and English Semantics are planned to equip students with a solid background in contemporary linguistic theory, as well as to train students to develop analytic and critical skills in assessing its relevance in English language teaching and learning. Efforts to make justifiable implementations in relation to English education in Korea are evaluated with reference to Pedagogical English Grammar, which is directly associated with teaching in the school context. In English Pragmatics, and English Discourse Analysis, particular focus will be given to the analysis of the use of “English above a sentential level”. Students are introduced to a systematic analysis of English structure and meaning system in use.

English American Literatures

The program is designed to help students gain overall understanding of English and American literature and to expand knowledge in regard to the major authors and their literary works from different eras. Students are encouraged to take advantage of a wide range of subjects provided each semester - including English and American poetry, novels, and criticism, as well as special topics, such as Black American Literature. Through courses such as Studies in Teaching English Literature, and Studies in Teaching Literature, students will also have opportunities to examine and recognize the role of literature in English education, to discuss what it means to teach English literature in the Korean context, and to explore general issues related to literature education as well as the issues in literature education in general.

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